Think Eco

Since the beginning of Bohemi Soul existence we have been creating and sewing in Poland. Our fashion is conscious and sustainable, it is environmentally friendly. Sustainable is one that has a huge impact on the environment. Creating things gives us great satisfaction, we create it with people who consciously follow “slow Fashion”. Our strong point is that we try to sell DROPS or minimize waste from production. Thanks to this, we produce as much as we want to sell, if we see more interest, we try to keep the next DROP on track.

Our fashion likes to change, a bit like a woman. Our clothes are Boho-style, but not only. Bohemi Soul is all about comfort and everyday life. There is no place for you to put it on once and put it in the closet. It has to be always on time and always comfortable, from the beginning we are accompanied by such a philosophy.

We are constantly striving to make sure that our products have the best possible composition. That is why we buy or produce our materials locally – obviously in Poland or from France or Spain.

Thanks to the fact that the whole production process does not take place in Poland, we have great awareness and control over the fact that a “responsible” product comes to the customer.

Eco packing- we’ve minimized the number of things that put together not in the pack. Our order is delivered to you in paper boxes inside you will only find a tissue paper and a thank you postcard, a paper tag… And that’s it. During the packaging process, there is no space for cutting out the label and throwing in the rest without any useful waste paper, everything is optimized to a minimum, that is again environmentally friendly.


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